As the nation’s pioneer of non concrete sidewalks, we are the leader of superior, advanced walking pavements. All our products provide safety and comfort, cost savings, and environmental benefits. Whatever your pavement need we have the right product for you.


  • Our advanced paving material, with superior appearance, ease of installation, and design elegance
  • Designed for all commercial and municipal applications. Maximum cost savings and environmental benefit
  • 100% recycled plastic


  • The original non concrete sidewalk and the proven solution for maintaining mature trees with invasive roots
  • Ideal for tree preservation and tree root management, and recreation walkways
  • 100% recycled tire rubber


  • The same durability as Rubbersidewalks™ in a thinner version, installed atop existing hardscape or flooring
  • Recommended for safety solutions and low cost property renovation
  • 100% recycled tire rubber


All TERRECON, Inc. products are 100% recycled and recyclable, unbreakable, modular, ADA compliant, and approximately 1/8th the weight of concrete.